How To Get The Highest Quality Ear Wax Removal London

You only have one pair of ears, and if you have any sense you won’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry mess with them. Quite why some people allow others to light a candle and stick it in their ear (and then expect it to remove their ear wax – perhaps the idea is that wax attracts wax?) is beyond my comprehension. The only way to ensure that you get high quality ear wax removal london is to make sure you use a reputable company that only employs qualified ear care professionals that are registered with either the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council), NMC (Nursing and Midwiifery Council) or the GMC (General Medical Council).

Who Can Perform Ear Wax Removal London?

The only people who are qualified to perform ear wax removal london are Audiologists, doctors or Nurses who have received specialised training in ear wax removal techniques, who are registered with their prospective governing body, and who have professional indemnity insurance that specifically covers ear wax removal. Ear wax removal london isn’t as simple as sticking a lit candle in your ear, or squirting water in your ear. The ear canal has a complex shape – with a left / right S-bend and an upward slope for the outer two thirds, with a downward slope in the inner third. In addition, some ear canals may have an isthmus (narrow point), or a step where the floor suddenly lifts. A good knowledge of the anatomy of the outer ear is essential, as well as the ability to recognise and diagnose the many and varied pathologies of the ear,

What Happens During An Ear Wax Removal London Appointment?

This video show what to expect during a microsuction london appointment:

Our Recommended Clinic For Ear Wax Removal London

Here’s where to find our recommended clinic for ear wax removal London:


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